TrustSeed SAS

Facts and Figures

  • Established in 2002, TrustSeed SAS is a software publisher specialized in legal binding paperless transactions.
  • Take over of Magic@xess in 2006 (authentication servers and patents for signing over mobiles).
  • Filing of 15 patents in 20 countries: certification and interoperability of identification, authentication, signature, electronic transfer and archiving processes (compliance with new standards of security architecture).
  • Official delegate of the working group "Digital Identity" at European Commission SSEDIC
  • Current release of new and updated software solutions in SaaS mode.
  • Solutions regularly rewarded: Cap Digital Technological Competitivity labels (Secure Electronic Transactions), PwC Luxembourg, FNTC, TDL (Trust for Digital Life).
  • Shareholders: TrustWin.

Our corporate mission

  • Make digital exchanges as simple as paper exchange with the same level of security, traceability and probative value.
  • Reduce businesses operational risk while maintaining smooth operations and seamless document workflows.
  • TrustSeed and its partners have a set of unique skills and experiences:
    • Strong business experience (Treasury, Finance, ERP...),
    • A proven technical expertise in paperless applications and integration.

Our market vision of digital exchanges

  • Paperless probative value digital transactions have become an object of proven competitiveness.
  • Each part of a document process has an added value to switch to full digital while securing traceability and security.
  • Europeans liaison committees for standardization are finalizing terms of interoperability between operators, countries and projects: STORCK, PEPPOL, SPOCS...
  • In this favorable context, mediation players such as banks, retailers or operators appropriate this growth driver.

What are the benefits of the our solutions?

  • Conformity with upcoming regulations.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Remove infrastructure management of both hardware and software by our customers.
  • TrustSeed's Economic model become an intermediation tariff structure.
  • Non-intrusive solution with option of reversibility.
  • Immediate cntrol over the solution by end-users.
  • Reducing technical implementation delays.
  • International coverage (languages, support, integration, legal).